Detox Water

Hello friend’s, how are you all doing? I am sorry for letting you all wait for this long, was bit busy these days. But today, i have a great idea to make you fit i.e DETOX WATER.

Detox water is full of all the natural goodness. The water is great for our health, skin & the whole body. This water flushes all the toxins of the body in the form of sweat, urine.

According to ayurveda, in ancient times the great sages of Himalayas used this science to stay fit & healthy for immortal years. As Himalayas are home to many natural springs, fountains & rivers. Hence the water turns into pure nectar as it slides through various natural herbs & sherbs finally reaching the foothills. The water gets 100% detoxed. We can either drink the naturally detoxed water that runs through mother nature’s lifecycle or if that is not possible, create one at home based on the same principles.

Let me help you in creating the detox water drink at home with the simplest eatables available in the kitchen. This will taste quite similar to the one created by the mother nature in her laps.

Here we can choose among various natural vegetables & fruits depending on our body’s needs.

Easiest detox drink includes lemon, orange, cucumber, mint leaves & water.

  • Way

–Take a lemon, cucumber, orange & cut them into slices.

–Now put few mint leaves into a jar.

— Mix water into the mixture & refrigerate it.

–Drink this water for a whole day & refill it when required.

— This water helps to detox the whole immune system & makes the body fit.

  • Benefit:

The home made natural detox water helps remove the toxins from body, balances pH, helps weight loss & boosts immune system. This will help us to have a fit body & helps us ‘GET NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL ‘.

16 thoughts on “Detox Water

    1. Hey there! Absolutely, eating fruits is equally important. It helps balance the needed vitamins, minerals, irons, etc.on the body. One great tip is to eat the whole fruits, vegetables used in detox water at end of the day & next day create the new detox water for you.

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